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Kendall Brann


Castle and Cottage Home Inspection

East Wilton, ME


Call: 207-645-9393


About Kendall Brann

Certification or licensing of home inspectors only sets a minimum standard. Much like being up to code, any less would be illegal. That's why I have worked to become a member of the Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals (MeCHIPs). As a MeCHIPs member, I:

Agree with the objectives and bylaws of MeCHIPs,
Have been approved for membership by the Professional Members of MeCHIPs,
Have passed an approved nationally recognized home inspector examination or other approved examination,
Adhere to the comprehensive MeCHIPs Standards of Practice,
Abide by MeCHIPs' Code of Ethics which ensures that I am aware of my ethical duties as a home inspector,
Follow a strict continuing education policy that requires, among other things, that I receive 60 hours of continuing education over a three year period,
Have signed and submitted an affidavit legally agreeing that I have and will continue to adhere to all MeCHIPs standards, ethics and education requirements,
Utilize a written contract with clients that provides for dispute resolution to be conducted by arbitration or mediation,
Maintain a continuing education log that is verified by MeCHIPs,
Submit an example of my inspection report to MeCHIPs for evaluation,
Attend at least one MeCHIPs business meeting and one educational seminar every year (reasonable exceptions apply).

If you need a home inspection performed, don't settle for anything less than a MeCHIPs home inspection professional. Call me at 207-645-9393 to schedule your inspection.


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