About MeCHIPs

Since 1999

The Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals (MeCHIPs) was founded in January 1999 to create a professional forum for Home Inspectors, to provide a place for the exchange of information regarding the Home Inspection industry, and to effectively represent Home Inspection Professionals.

Mission Statement

The Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals (MeCHIPs) is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to:

  1. Advancing and promoting home inspection in the State of Maine through positive contact with the general public, lending institutions, and real estate professionals.
  2. Fostering professionalism within the industry through the use of a Code of EthicsStandards of Practice and continuing education. MeCHIPs is not affiliated with any single national trade organization but encourages members to join organizations of their choice.
  3. Providing positive input in the creation of legislation affecting the home inspection industry and the well being of the citizens of Maine.