Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals

Feeling anxious?

Buying a house can be a time of great anxiety and stress. Whether this is your first home purchase or you have been down this road before, it is, perhaps, the single largest investment you will ever make. Unfortunately, most people know very little about all of the eight major component systems that make up a home. These systems include plumbing, electrical, structural, heating and air conditioning, kitchen, exterior, interior and the basement.

A home inspection professional who is a member of the Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals (MeCHIPs), has met its membership requirements and is bound to abide by the Bylaws, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the organization.  In the absence of state licensing laws regulating home inspectors in Maine, hiring a MeCHIPs professional to perform your home inspection assures you of receiving quality home inspection services from a qualified individual.

In addition to our home inspection professional members, we also have affiliate members. These are members who are not home inspectors but are professionals in other home related fields or services. These members help to keep the entire membership aware of what is happening in their particular area of expertise.